GambleMaps has a sophisticated search tool that can help you find places to gamble. By enabling your browser to use your location, the site will automatically find you wherever you are and locate the closest Casinos, Card Rooms, Race Tracks – whatever you are looking for!  You can override your current location by entering another address or city in the location box (say you were going on vacation and wanted to find options in the city you were visiting).  GambleMaps will also use your location to tell you if there are any legal online gambling options available to you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your location
    • When you access the site, answer yes to the browser prompt asking if GambleMaps can use your current location. On the home page, your address will automatically appear in the location search box. You can use this box at any time to enter another address or city for your search.
  2. Choose a Category
    • The Categories dropdown allows you to search for specific types of gambling listings such as Casinos, Card Rooms, Horse Racing or Bingo. The All Categories selection will find all listings nearby.
  3. Fine tune your search
    • The Advanced option that appears below the Search Button provides a few more ways to narrow your search.  You can choose to see All Listings, Online Listings only or just physical listings located Near Me.
    • Use the Keyword box to enter a name or partial name to find a specific listing. You can also use a similar Search feature in the main menu (the magnifying glass) from anywhere within the site to find listings using a Keyword.
  4. Now Click the Search button to see your results.

Types of Search results:

  1. Near Me (Map view)
    • If you choose All Listings or Near Me, you will land on a page with a map at the top and locations presented as Pins.
    • 20 listings are presented per page with pagination buttons at the bottom of the page.  The listings appear in boxes below the map.  Keep in mind that the map will only show you pins for listings on that results page!
    • GambleMaps uses Google Maps so the map should be familiar. Use the mouse or map controls to Zoom in and out or drag the map, choose between Map view or Satellite view, etc.
    • Single Click on a Pin to see information about the listing and click it again to visit the listing page.
    • Locations that are close together appear as green “Clusters” on the map with a number representing how many listings are in this location cluster. Click on the cluster to zoom in and expose the individual pins.
    • There is another search tool below the map in case you want to change your search criteria and update the results without leaving the page.
    • The search tool also has a radius slider if you want to expand or contract your search area (it defaults to a 100 mile radius).  Adjust the slider to see your results change.
    • Listings from your search appear below the map and search tool.  The distance from your location is presented for each listing.
    • There are buttons to the right and above the listings that allow you to choose between a grid or list format.
    • Listings are sorted in the following order:
      • Online Listings first
      • Any Featured Listings will appear next
      • The remaining listings in your search are sorted by proximity to the address entered, closest first.
    • Once you find what you are looking for, click on the listing to visit the page.
    • On the Listing page, you can:
      • Click on the phone number to call the listing
      • Click on the URL to visit their website
      • Click on the address to get directions using Google Maps
      • View information about the business
      • Share with friends on your Social Media channels!
    • If you want to find other listings, hit the back button in your browser to return to the map results view.
  2. Online Listings
    • Choose this to find online Casinos, Poker, Sports betting, gambling apps and more.  Notice that this search will take you to a results page with no map. These listings are not location based so no need for a map right!
    • Click on interesting listings to view what they offer.  Links to the sites are presented on the listing page.
    • Since Online gambling is not legal in all Countries or States, Online search uses the Country and State you are located in to show you options that are legally available in your location.
    • GambleMaps remembers your Search settings as you navigate from page to page.  If you choose Online Listings, that dropdown will keep that setting so make sure you check all the controls before hitting Search.

That’s all you need to know!

Ready to Play?  GambleMaps will show you where to go.